Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 Months Behind

We were gone two weeks and now I feel like I'm two months behind. We arrived home yesterday and because of the all night plane ride we were both very tried so we tried to nap a little I did not make it to my study. So this morning I went to my study ready to get back to work and found myself behind on my studies. I have a routine that I follow in my sermon preparation that obviously has been disrupted. But I will be ready for tonight's Prayer meeting. The month of December I sometimes preach something in every service about the birth of Christ and the Christmas theme. I have over a hundred sermons about Christmas. But every year while studying them the Lord gives shows more so I come out of this season with 8 or 10 new sermons. I may post a few outlines on my blog if anyone is interested. Let me know


Jane said...

I think it would be great to post some of your outlines!

Holly Beth said...

I love your sermons on Christmas !!!(And anything else) I hope you do post some if you do I will share them with Pastor Impson !! HEHE