Thursday, December 11, 2008

Excited About the Church Growing

We are starting classes tonight on soul winning and visitation we have about 5 or 6 people that are planning to be a part. I think this will prove to be the single most important thing we will do in starting to see growth in our church. I believe people need to be trained to do the work the Lord has inspired them to do. Because "inspiration without education leads to frustration", people get inspired to do something for the Lord and no one trains them how to do it and in a short time they get frustrated and want to quit. Here is an outline from Acts that I have preached about church growth that might be a blessing to someone.

How Did The Church in Acts Grow ?
ACTS 2:46,47
1. A CONSISTENT WALK. ("They continued daily")
2. A COOPERATIVE SPIRIT. ("One accord")
3. A COMMUNION AT HOME. ("breaking bread from house...)
4. A CHEERFUL ATTITUDE. ("gladness")
5. A CONSCIENCIOUSNESS OF PURPOSE. (singleness of purpose")
6. A CONFIDENCE FROM OTHERS. ("favor with all the people")
7. A CONTINUOUS GROWTH. ("Lord added to the church daily")


Anonymous said...

I like it, brudda!

The rain is falling here a ton right now! I'm glad wars don't get fought in the rain:)