Monday, December 8, 2008

Steeped in Traditions

I had a great time preaching yesterday. God is so good to me. We had a man come back that had visited for our veterans day service, and a young lady that found our church web page on the Internet. I believe the web page will prove to be a real blessing to our church. The folks at the church were encouraged that she found us that way, makes me wonder how many are looking at us and considering a visit. I will pray more. that the Lord will use the web page and this blog in the future. I believe these types of media are as important to the church as the newspaper has been in the past. I don't understand a church not using this technology. Could be they are "steeped in the traditions of the Pharisees", something a dear brother has helped me with over the years. And for that I thank you.
I met with my Deacon after church and we decided to buy a new computer for the church and a new sound system. So we can start recording the preaching and upload the messages on the web page.


Anonymous said...

Wow! First- responses to Gospel tracts, now- responses to the web? Outstanding! You're right. In a military community, people usually have their first few moves mapped out--including the church--by the time they get to town.

Good move.
Love to you, my brother.

Brandon Wilber said...

The website is looking really good. It is one of the things that I mention to people when the LORD allows me to witness to people. I know the LORD will bless all the ministries used for the furthering of His will.