Monday, December 29, 2008

God Blesses Faithfulness

I was a bit concerned about the crowd we would have in church yesterday because of a number of things. We had some bad weather Saturday afternoon and evening. We have a large family on vacation, and a lot of sickness in the church. I counted all that would not be there and was anticipating 20 missing. When your average attendance is only 30 that is a concern. But I know that we have had about 6 or 8 out this past week door-knocking. When people started coming in I was encouraged that we had over 20 even with all of the folks that were missing for various whatever reasons. I preach it all the time that God blesses our faithfulness then He confirms that truth and gives us a big blessing


Anonymous said...

What an encouragement! I pray for God's continued assistance there. I am thankful He wants to bless more than we want Him to. He, brother- Thank you for your example.

Tristan said...

Things are going great with us! We are expecting a baby!

We have found a only has like 25 members all together, but usually we only have 15 people on sundays...the preacher is nice and good...but I compare everybody to you..which leaves me dissapointed :)

Brandon Wilber said...

When read, it is such an encouragement that GOD will bless us even for the little we do for Him. It does not all have to be big things, a foot soldier can turn the tide of the battle.

Praise GOD!

ky preacher said...

I know how you feel brother. We have had a lot of sickness as well, but the Lord continues to do great things at the church.

Holly Beth said...

So wonderful Daddy I am so proud of you !! I love you I am glad you are seeing results for you labor. God is, can and will BLESS!!