Friday, December 26, 2008

The Cornerstone

Jesus infuriated the Jewish leaders because He claimed to be "the stone which the builders rejected." Mark 12:10 This is a reference to the building of Solomon’s Temple.

It took 30,000 workmen over seven years to complete the temple. According to I Kings 6 all the stones were quarried far away from the building site, so there was no sound of hammering heard there. Jewish tradition says one day the building superintendent saw an unusual stone being delivered. Because it was cut in an odd shape, he thought it was flawed. He had it rolled away into the Kidron Valley where it lay untouched and unnoticed. Years later, the builder sent word to the quarry that he was ready for the main corner stone. The quarry master came and reported, “Why, I had that stone delivered years ago. When they began to search they discovered the discarded stone in the valley was the main cornerstone. It was covered with debris and moss. It took many men working hard to raise the massive stone out of the valley. When they raised it and set it, it fit perfectly! The chief cornerstone was the very rock they rejected.

Jesus was also sent from far away, and was different than expected, and even today doesn’t fit the world’s “ideal”…they stumble at Him that should be their very foundation!


Jeff Jones said...

enjoyed story about the stone,i'll use that some time.