Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calvinism Illustrated

I am an enemy of the doctrinal teachings of John Calvin or any that line up with his heresy. I am an enemy of the doctrine because it does two things.
1. It destroys the very person of God.
2. It destroys the very purpose of Christ.
Let me give you a little illustration that may help to explain the devastation of the doctrine of Calvinism.

I am the father of two daughters (whom I love dearly). I am their father by choice as neither of them was neither an accident nor a surprise. My wife and I planned to have both of our children and looked forward to their birth with great love and anticipation. Just suppose that as a father who chose to bring both of these daughters into the world:

1. I chose from birth to love my younger daughter because I thought it was my right as the father and chose to hate my eldest daughter because of that same right. Neither child had done anything right or wrong but because of my sovereign will I simply chose to hate one and to love the other.
2. Because of this choice, I would send the eldest out into the world and cut her completely from my will and fellowship while lavishing both gifts and love upon the younger daughter. I choose to never to have anything else to do with the eldest while holding the younger in the highest esteem.
3. As a matter of fact, I even decided to see the eldest (who has done nothing to me) suffer eternal punishment of the most horrible kind because of this hatred. 4. I tell everyone now that I am really a loving father: both kind and generous.

I think that it would be ungodly to do such a thing! I would not be a good father or Creator and the word love would be out of the question. Most of you would, after several attempts to win me to the Lord, ride me out of town on a rail and have nothing else to do with me.

I believe that God is a sovereign God! He does as He wills and asks counsel of no one. I believe in that God and love that God! The Bible declares that “God is love.” He does not attempt to love but love is one of His divine attributes. He is the very essence of love and I love Him for it.

He created every man with an eternal desire to both restore and eternally fellowship with him. He loved so much that He gave the very best that He had to reclaim fallen man. He allowed man to both sin and fall from that fellowship because He desires for man to want Him, not be forced into an eternal relationship based upon sovereignty. He loves everyone and died for the sins of not only the saved (1 John 2:1-2) but for the sins of every man. Calvinism teaches just the opposite.

Calvinism destroys the purpose of Christ. He came into the world to save sinners! All sinners! I despise how they take the words such as all and make them to mean some. A Calvinist may say that he is an ardent soul winner and he may actually be, but he destroys that desire in the hearts of most of those who follow him. Calvinism is fatalism! If they are elect and have no say in the matter, then leave them alone and go fishing for fish instead of fishing for men. They will be saved regardless of how good you soul win or how terrible you soul win. They will be saved if you do not soul win at all!

Hell was not made for man but for the Devil and his angels. Man goes there because he makes a God given choice to reject the wonderful God of Heaven who loves him so much. I guess the Lord said it all when He said, “Ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.” To indict a man for not coming when he has no power to come is ludicrous.


Don Porter, M.Ed said...

Hey, preacher, I'm gonna out this post on my blog. You have to appreciate relevant and needed info

Anonymous said...

Quite Compelling.
Please share your understanding of Acts 13:48.

How is one "ordained to eternal life" before they "believe?"

Thank you, Brother Dave.

Don Porter, M.Ed said...

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