Sunday, April 26, 2009

These are some statements that I have heard great pastors say. I write down and try to use things other pastors say and I thought I would list some of them here for you.

· Leadership is not a position – Leadership is a function
· The first function of a leader is to make the purpose of the organization known.
· The purpose of the organization should be seen in the vision
· The leader should personify the purpose
· The purpose of Northwest Baptist Church is “to know Christ and to make Christ known to a world who knows Him not”.
· Leaders who stop growing don't last – Leaders continue to stretch themselves.
· Maturity is balanced growth
· You grow by nutrition not addition
· Addition is the result of nutrition
. Get the proper nutrition (Bible, Prayer) and exercise (church, giving, witnessing) growth is automatic
· Surround yourself with good people
· Don’t be afraid of disagreement
· Meet your troubles head on
· Don’t be afraid to scrap your ideas
· Leaders must see farther down the road than those he leads
· Avoid unclear communication
· Obey every spiritual impulse
· Three leaders that people want to follow
1. They know someone others do not know
2. They do something others have not done
3. They know something others do not know
· People will only follow you nowhere once or twice; they will then look for someone else to follow.
· Leadership is the ability to influence
· People follow who we are more than what we say
· Followers look for places to lay the blame for failures – Leaders look for ways to make improvement
· Leaders produce leaders – Dictators produce followers
· The cream always rises to the top
· Everything we do in life should be working toward a goal.

If these are a help let me know and I will post more later


D. Porter said...

You mentioned, "don't be afraid of disagreement"

I'm afraid that some of the most mature Christians and those that I've looked up to in the past were very immature when it came to times of discussion. Their education, experience and position seems to create a spirit of haughtiness that isn't very conducive to edifying communication. We, as Christians, absolutely need to communicate in love even if we disagree. Easier said than done, though.