Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Major Changes

There are many issues that must be overcome when taking the pastorate of any church. Most Bible college Pastoral Leadership courses teach the students not to make any "Major" changes in the 1st year. Sometimes it is very hard to not make these needed changes right away. A lot of Pastors make the mistake of moving to quickly because of the desire to get started on their programs. I have found that if I just start reaching into the community by door knocking and visiting dilinquint members. I can, over a period of a few months, gain the confidence of the people.

Dr Russell Rice taught us that it takes about two years for you to learn to love the people of the new church as a pastor, but it takes about four to five years for the people to learn to love you as a pastor. I have certainly found this to be true. You need to be there long enough to marry some of their children and bury some of their loved ones. This will endear you to them as a pastor. I have also found that in smaller towns its is even more true because you are a "foreigner" to them. It takes a lot of time for them to accept you into their community.

The history of a church is something they take great pride in. They are the ones who have managed to keep the doors open in spite of everything through the years. You need to know the entire history of the church. Read the notes from business meetings (if they have some). Talk to the older people, become a student of their church's history. You will find that by honoring their heritage, they will listen to you because you understand them.


Anonymous said...

I can see this being very true, much like new leadership in the Army. This respect is often gained a little faster though. I believe it is because soldiers see that we are on the same team and know our mission. Your emphasis on the Great Commission is our mission and if a church realizes this and sees passion in this area from leadership the respect should be earned much faster. Keep sticking to your guns (KJV) bro. As always thanks for sharing your experience.