Monday, January 12, 2009

We had another visitor last night (Rob) he has been assigned to Ft Leavenworth. He has not even signed in yet to his unit. Another visitor from the web page, I am impressed at how God is using the web page like He is. What a tremendous tool it has become. I plan to go door knocking at least three different days this week. I have been told that doesn't work anymore but we will just keep on doing it because we are told to in Gods word and let Him decide if he wants it to work or not. I just believe He will bless the faithfulness of his people. I will order the new sound system today for our church. We got the new computer, Josh, one of our young men, put it in and got it up and running Saturday. The Lord is doing great thing here at Northwest Baptist Church and its exciting to be a part of it.


Fireball said...

I believe and have preached that door to door visitation does not work today, because many of the few churches that still visit have the wrong motive. They are simply knocking on doors to get the attendance up on Sunday morning. If your motive for knocking is to spread the Gospel first and see sinners saved than it does still work and is a very powerful tool. Keep up the good work!

bwilber777 said...

To be part of this church is the most amazing thing, I have grown so much in the little time I have been at Northwest, and am excited about the future God holds for the church and my Family.