Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action

True leaders in our government, churches, and families have never been more needed than today. What are the characteristics of a true leader? If an EKG or an X-ray would show one’s leadership traits, what traits would be desirable? Here are just a few of the most important ones:

¨ Enthusiasm: Including optimism & hope
¨ Trustworthiness: Honest & transparent
¨ Discipline: To study, pray, give, & go
¨ Confidence: Faith in God
¨ Decisiveness: Not a procrastinator
¨ Courage: Never capitulating to fear
¨ Loyalty: Steadfastness & Faithfulness
¨ Unselfishness: Others first
¨ Humor: A contagious smile & sense of humor
And, most of all
¨ COMMITMENT! - The key to all the above

Leadership does not come naturally for most. Nor are their “10 Easy Steps” to leadership. Merely emulating someone else will not do it. We must daily commit ourselves to spiritual growth and to maturity in leadership. God has given everyone of us influence over people and situations. May He grant us the leadership graces to fulfill His will for our lives


Anonymous said...

Brother, there is a great challenge among the military to get the leaders of Monday to be leaders on Sunday. They can lead troops and staffs who lead troops, but come dinner time, there is no concept of leading a home. Come Sunday, the wives lead most churches.

Keep on. Good stuff.

ky preacher said...

How true. No one should try to emulate another. We should always let the Lord direct our path.

Fireball said...

Well put. I pray more people will accept the challange to grow in the Lord

Anonymous said...

L- Loyalty
D- Duty
R- Respect
S- Selfless Service
H- Honor
I- Integrity
P- Personal Courage