Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elements of a "Big Day":

Elements of a "Big Day":
1) This can be approached in one of two ways:
a. Plan to have a bigger than average day but set no goals, or
b. Plan and shoot for a pre-set goal
2) "You should have a "theme name" for the day.
3) Organize so that you are ready to handle a crowd or you will, indirectly, teach them NOT to return!
4) It is good to have a special "hand-out" or small gift for all who attend. Do not run out of these!
5) Have another special gift ready for everyone who brings a visitor. Have enough available!
6) In order to make a pre-set goal, it is a good idea to break the big goal down to each level; i.e., each class, each bus route, etc. Allowing the teachers and workers to set personal goals also works.
7) Work, work, WORK Pass out attractive, exciting flyers. Use the newspaper. Use television. Use the radio. Blitz. Canvas. Do whatever it takes!
8) Remember, incentive gifts should be given:
a. To everyone who attends (a special, attrac­tive bulletin).
b. To everyone who brings at least one visitor.
c. To every teacher/class that meets its goal.
d. To the three individuals who bring the most visitors.