Monday, June 15, 2009

DO Then Teach

Acts 1:1 Luke wrote about all that “Jesus began both to do and teach.”
Some teach but wont DO.
Some DO but want teach.
Jesus Did and Taught.

Someone has said "We have a lot of great preachers -- We need some great doers. We have a lot of great singers - We need some great doers. We have a lot of great livers - We need some great doers"

We have enough people whose favorite scripture is Psa. 23. “lie down in green..”
We need more folks whose favorite scripture is Ecc. 9:10 "whatsover thy hand..”

Moses took off his shoes to WORSHIP -- Put them back on to WORK.

We spend a lot of time discussing the SABBATH,
We need to concentrate on the other 6 DAYS of the week.
“Six days shall thou LABOUR

We’ve been singing “Resting in the arms on Jesus
We need to be singing "We’ll work till Jesus Comes.”

We’ve sung “Heavenly Sunshine flooding my soul with glory divine
We need to be singing, “Work for the night is coming.”

We’ve been singing “Sweet Peach the gift of God’s Love.”
We need to sing “ Sound the Battle Cry”

We are emphasizing the “GIFTS of the Spirit and the FRUIT of the Spirit.”
We ought to be working at getting the POWER of the Spirit.”

We’ve talked long enough about the Woman at the well.
We need to go with her into town to win people to Christ.

Maybe we’ve talked enough about David’s harp
Maybe we need to put the emphasis on David’s Sling.

We’ve been holding the FORT. We Need to Storm the FORT.

Not a TREASURE To be buried -- something to be carried out to others.
Not a LIGHT to be hid under a bushel - but to shine
Not a FOOD to be stored in a cellar - but to be Spread to the 5,000
Not a GARMENT to be hung in a closet - Robe of righteousness for the Naked.
Not a WEAPON for the wall of a Museum – But to be used in Battle.
Not a LAGOON for feeding Ducks -- River flowing for thirsty World.
Not a RELIC to be examined -- REDEMPTION to be shared.
Not a REQUEST to come and worship - COMMAND to go and Witness.

David Said in Psa. 143:10 “ Teach me to DO thy will OH, GOD. Not know thy will, find thy will, understand thy will, discuss thy will, etc.

Paul. “ I can DO all thing through Christ ….” Not.. bear all things, Know all things, be all things, feel all things.

Paul, “ LORD, what wilt thou have me to DO” Not BE, Hear, Learn, Know, quit, feel,

James 1:23 – 25 "Be ye Doers of the word and not hearers only.”

James 4:17 “To Him that knoweth to DO good and DOETH it not

John 14:12 “The work that I DO shall he DO also and greater works shall he DO"