Monday, May 11, 2009

A Busy Week Ahead

Our church was built in 1961 and it looks like 1961 when you walk in. So we wanted to make things look more up to date. I don't want to invest a lot of money in the present building because in about 2 years I want to build a new auditorium. We have seating room for about 120 in the auditorium so at the rate we are growing, (5 per month) we will fill the building in about a year and a half from now. We will then need to go to two services in order to keep growing until we get a new building built.
We decided to remodel the foyer and the fellow we hired to help with it will start today and while that is being done, I will be working on the flower beds, digging out the remaining roots and building the wall and filling with dirt. It is a big job but will make the front of the church look so much nicer.
I meet with the deacons this morning for breakfast at 6:30 and then we will work on updating the constitution. I don't think, or at least I hope this will not be to involved. I have an appointment on Tuesday morning and then Tuesday night I have been invited to our city commission meeting to meet the new mayor and the commissioners.
We have our "Saturation Saturday" this Saturday This is when everybody in the church will come out to help, some will go out and pass out fliers and others will help by preparing lunch for those who go out, it will be exciting. Bro Steven Henderson from Harvest Baptist in Manhattan, Kansas, (about 100 miles from us) is bringing about 40 of his folks up to help us pass out 7000 fliers inviting people to our "Friend Day" on May 31th. Our goal for that Sunday is 150 that will be a big accomplishment for our church. My first service at Northwest Baptist Church, back last September we had 10. These last three Sundays we have had attendance in the 50's.
I love it when I am busy like this. I is very challenging but it is also very rewarding to get a lot of things accomplished for the Lord. I wish you would pray for our church. It will be so encouraging to them to know there are those out there who are pulling for them. When I took the church they were very discouraged and thinking about shutting it down. God has shown His favor on the work that's being done and the people have a new hope for the future.


bwilber777 said...

I'm praying and participating! Praise God for these opportunities to grow and learn. Thanks Pastor!

ky preacher said...

Bro. Dave,

Wanted to let you know that I pray for you and your church every morning while on the way to work. It is encouraging to see prayers being answered. Please continue to pray for us here at Harmony Baptist in Owensboro.

Don Porter, M.Ed said...

So glad to hear that you get audience with the local officials. I really feel that the Lord is going to fill that building in short order. Sometimes I find myself jealous of those that the Lord has used in full-time ministry. Hooray for your successes; the Lord is blessing your efforts.

Media Man said...

That's a great problem to have. I will continue to pray for you and your church.

I once was told my an AOG Church the next village over, they waited to expand their building so long that by the time they finally made the decision to, they didn't need to.