Monday, March 23, 2009


I have had the opportunity to see God send a taste of revival when I pastored in Central City Kentucky we had 13 in church on Easter morning. Then we started a revival meeting that following Monday and it lasted until Friday. On Friday night I got right with God. Then for the next 16 weeks my son-in-law, and later many others, went out every day and knocked doors when we got off work till dark and all day on Saturdays. In that 4 month period we had 111 saved and I baptised 72 people. We had 13 in April and the last Sunday in August we had 148 in our church service. I don't pretend to know a lot about revival. I do know how I was when I needed revival in my life and these were the things that were true with me.

PSALMS 85:6 “ Wilt Thou Not Revive Us Again “?

1. When We Lose Our Glimpse of Calvary .
2. When the Bible Ceases to Excite Us.
3. When We No Longer Have A Prayer Time.
4. When Church Attendance Is Not Important.
5. When We Become Critical of Thing & People Around Us.
6. When We Stop Giving Tithes & Time & Talents to the Lord.
7. When We Lose Our Burden For Lost Souls.


Andy said...

The Lord is leading us in this direction, before I sign out froom this earth my prayer is to see revival in Zanesville. Keep up the great work! Your reports and post are encouraging!

Tom Fellows said...

When we become convicted of our individual spiritual conditions, develop a hunger and thirst for God, and humbly ask Him to lay our hearts bare, then we can have revival.

Good stuff, brother!

Johnny said...

Thanks for the post! We sure need revival in Croatia! I pray it starts in me, and spreads to our people! Thanks for be an encouragement!

Bro. Johnny

Terri said...

I haven't left a comment in a while... if ever... and I wanted to let you know that your blog is a blessing.