Monday, March 2, 2009

The Spring Push

I was very encouraged to see the good crowd yesterday in spite of the 6 inches of snow. We still have a few out sick and we continue to pray for them. Lord did send us some first time visitors again. This makes 8 week in a row we have had first time visitors. We also have some come for a second and third visit and we are very encouraged by that.
This is our last week of our visitation/soul winning class, something we will do every winter. What a great thing this study has been we are ready to go out with the Lords help and share the gospel with a new found confidence. We will begin next week a three month push for the visitation and door knocking and soul winning. Between now and our Friend Day on the 31 of May we will go out on Thursday nights at 6:30 and Saturday morning at 10:00. We will also have soul winning pairs out on other nights of the week when it is convenient for them according to their work schedules. I will be going 2 or 3 days during the week with different men as their schedule will allow. We will pass out tracts and fliers and fill out commitment cards on the prospects, getting their name address and phone number. About a month away from the big day we will send a letter out to each one that has committed Then when we get two weeks out I will send out a personal letter. On the week before we will call each person we have a card on an remind them about the Friend Day.
I can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do for our church because of this effort. We will be working toward our Friend Day on May 31 and have a goal of 150 for that Sunday, we currently run about 35. We will have commitment cards to fill out on those who tell us they will come. I have found that the majority of people wont do what they say they will do, so in order for us to have 150 in church that Sunday we will need to get about 3 times that many to commit to being there so we will try to get 450 commitments. I am pledging to get 100 of these myself. I believe we should lead by example. This is a high mark and I will need the Lord to help me reach it but I am confident He will help.


Andy said...

A true soldier! You have a plan, praise God! There are to many churches flapping in the wind with no plan. I will be praying that God will richly bless it for His glory. I will be looking forward to praising the Lord for the results.

bwilber777 said...

I will be there to help and pledge 50 myself. LORD help us all as we bring the gospel to Leavenworth, KS!

ky preacher said...

We will be praying for the Lord to bless your efforts here in Kentucky. Our church will be having our Friend Day this coming Sunday the 8th. Please pray as the Lord leads us here.

Tom Fellows said...

Go get 'em, brother!