Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Pro 30:33 Surely the churning of milk bringeth forth butter,
When I was a boy we milked 4 cows. We did not have a dairy we just had 4 milk cows we used for our own milk. After we took out a gallon or two for us to drink (we kept the good stuff). We poured the rest of the milk into a separator and it would separate the cream from the milk. We used the cream to make butter. And we gave the separated milk to my grandparents and aunts & uncles. The milk we kept out before we separated it we put in the fridge and when ever we wanted a drink we had to stir the milk to mix the cream back up, because the cream always rises to the top.
My little brother tried to make butter once and he churned for the longest time and nothing was happening dad ask him where he got the cream he said out of the fridge in the basement. When we checked and he had gotten the separated milk and not the cream. He was guilty of trying to make butter out of milk not cream. You can never make butter out of the milk that is left after you remove the cream. If you want butter you must get more cream.
If the church is the bucket..
And the separated milk is those who wont do anything..
And the cream is the workers and leaders..
And you want more workers and leaders..
Then go milk more cows (go soul winning)
Our churches are full of separated milk and we complain about how we can't get people to do anything. My advise is to put some fresh milk in the bucket because: You can't make butter out of milk you have to use cream, and the cream rises to the top. We sometimes try to make butter (leaders and workers) out of separated milk (people who wont do anything).

I learned a long time ago there are some folks you just have to build around. They will come along for the ride but they don't help push the cart. Maybe we need to be more like Christ and stop saying "Listen to me" and start saying "Follow me" Then go milk some more cows (go soul winning)


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Andy said...

I have two words for the separated milk, MOVE OUT!

Seriously though, I realize that we must look at the wheat and tare principle here.

And I realize that even the milk has its purpose.

Praise God! for allowing us to use all of His assets (milk and cream) for His glory!

Thanks Bro. Dave for the great post.

bwilber777 said...

different, but right on.