Thursday, March 26, 2009

God will Bless Our Faithfulness

There are 31 references to time in this section. First, Solomon declares, "To everything there is a season." A season refers to an appropriate period. You don’t plant vegetables in the winter. It’s inappropriate. Birds don’t build their nests and lay their eggs when the snow is falling. It’s the wrong season. This world in which we live works according to a plan. A farmer knows that he must cooperate with nature if he wants to be successful. In the same way, our churches must adhere to God’s principles if we want them to prosper and grow.
Additionally, Solomon declares that to everything there is a time. Not only is there an appropriate period, but there is also an appointed moment. "There is a time to be born…" When it is time for birth to commence, you can’t slow it down or put it off. The appointed moment has arrived. That, too, is according to God’s design. In the normal course of events, babies are not born too soon, or too late. Crops mature and ripen according to God’s schedule. Everything in the life of the church is governed by time.
Solomon observed that there is a time for sowing, and a time for reaping. (Verse 2) We always reap later than we sow. This is what is sometimes so deceptive about life. If we do not see the immediate results of our actions, we may become discouraged and give up a good activity, such as soulwinning. Having sown, we will reap – but in a different season.


ky preacher said...

I appreciate your posts. Solomon was a wise man and knew that we could not nor can we change the time schedule of God.

Andy said...

I have learned not to be discouraged about things out of my hands. When it comes to the salvation of souls (the increase) it is out of our hands. Plant and Water, God will bring the increase when and where he chooses. Praise God for his perfect timing and season. Thanks for the post Bro. Dave.