Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wrapped Up

It’s All In The Wrapping!!

I remember when our girls were little what is was like for them to see all the Christmas presents under the tree. They would see all of those wonderful presents wrapped up in all that beautiful paper and bows. By the shape of the wrapped boxes they would try to guess what was in them.

Well, there are some presents that God has for us that He intends for us to open. They are all wrapped up and He wants us to notice, accept them and unwrap them in order to have fellowship with Him. God wants everyone to be a part of His family, but He cannot make everyone to accept His gift. His gift is wrapped up in His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Wrapping of God’s Love in His Son.

The Wrapping of the Cross.

The Wrapping of His Body – In the Tomb

It’s interesting to notice a couple of facts concerning His birth and burial:

Jesus earthly Dad was named Joseph.
The man who buried Him was named Joseph.

When Jesus was born He was wrapped in swaddling clothes.
When Jesus was buried He was wrapped in clean linen wrappings.

Joseph the poor, wrapped his adopted son in poor swaddling clothes.
Joseph the rich, wrapped the Son of God in clean linen clothes.

The Wrapping of Heaven.

The Wrapping of Our Sin.

The Wrapping of the Believer – Salvation!!!!