Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why People Don't Go To Your Church (Pt 3)

5. Perceived Poor Services and Ministries
When it comes to building a local church (as with most of life), perception is reality. If someone believes your kids ministry is not organised particularly well or unsafe, it might as well be. Turn that perception around! Your challenge is to demonstrate your church ministries and community work so people can see it with his/her own eyes. Provide open days, brochures and even videos online – just a few ideas.

6. Poor Leadership
People are attracted to good leadership. What leadership traits do you and your team possess? Do you have a track record of making wise choices? Do you hold any influence amongst the local community? Are you approachable and in touch with the real world? I guarantee that if you rise in leadership, people will want to be around you. In my experience and from what I’ve seen, people are firstly attracted to the leader, not the church. Powerful thought isn’t it.

7. Failing to Ask
Don’t assume that just because you’ve covered all the bases that people will come. Remember to get your congregation to keep asking people!

Finally – take some risks, be creative, challenge your thinking and throw yourself into it knowing we’re all learning along the way