Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why People Don't Go To Your Church (Pt 2)

I began yesterday a study as to why people don't go to your church. I will look at a few more reasons this morning. With the hope of helping some of you

2. People Don’t Think They Need or Want What You’re Presenting.
Many people feel like they don’t need or want the whole ‘God thing’ in their life. I have found that most people will need God for something about once or twice a year. Lose their job, grandma gets sick, their son has a car wreck, they go through a divorce, something. Jesus is a great friend- you’ll never be alone, the Bible will enable you to succeed in life. Oh, and don’t forget eternal life!

3. People Don’t Understand What You’re Presenting
Not everyone understands God or the Bible and many have no idea who Jesus is other than the kid they wheel out for the nativity at Christmas! I wonder how many people have never tried the following because they don’t understand what they are: Facebook. Apple Mac. Apple TV. Twitter. SkyPlus. Iphone 3G. Gift Aid. Maybe if we tried a little harder to communicate what it is we’re so passionate about others may be more open to listening to what we’ve got to say.

4. People Don’t Trust You
Does your community trust you? Do they feel they know you well enough to approach you or interact with you? Consider these questions: Do you follow through on promises? Are you viewed as a respected faith group or a cult? If you have a web presence, does your site list a physical address or a P.O. box? (Physical addresses generate more trust.) Are you active (and therefore visible) in the community? Are your finances in order and available to see? Building trust is an important ingredient for any successful organisation. If you’re unsure whether you’re trusted, ask the local community straight out and see what they say – if you dare!