Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Over This Jordon

Joshua 1:1-18 “ Now therefore arise, go over this Jordon………..”

Joshua 3:5 “ Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you

Moses pictures the Old Year & Joshua pictures the coming New Year.
We have a picture of the Law passing to be replaced by Grace.

I. PREPARATION must be made. V. 11
Decisions are a must.
Dedication will be necessary.
Determination is essential.

II. PROMISES of God to be considered. V. 3-5
Property promised.
Protection promised.
Presence promised.

III. POSSESSIONS to be possessed. V. 11
The Land had been given to them but they had to claim it.
The same is true of our Salvation.
The same is true of the Spirit’s Filling.

IV. PRESENCE of the Lord to be realized. V. 9
His presence gives Courage.
His presence gives Comfort.

V. PROBLEMS to be expected. V. 4
The obstacles are opportunities in disguise.
The Lord could have given them the land trouble free.
The Lord could have had an angel cleat the land.

VI. POWER of God to be obtained. V. 5
God’s power is available.
God’s power must be asked for.
God’s power must be assimilated.

VII. PROSPERITY to be enjoyed. V 7,8
Prosperity promised.
Plan of prosperity explained.