Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st Good Problem

We have seen steady growth since we came to Northwest Baptist Church in September. We had 10 at our first service on a Wednesday night and 25 on Sunday. To about 20 on Wednesday nights and 39 on Sunday morning with a high of 43. I have been taught, and have experienced first hand if a church maintains its attendance during the winter it is actually growing. We rejoice that we have not only maintained but have grown throughout the winter months.

Our parking lot has 21 spaces and this past Sunday we had 18 cars. This will be our first "good problem" we face as a church in regard to our growth. The only parking presently is on the south side of the building, but there is room for the same size parking lot on the north side. I found in a box in the storage room with the plans of several options to make the parking lot bigger. This is not the first time the parking lot expansion has presented a problem.

There are state codes for the number of parking spaces for the number of seats for a church, so I figured I will shoot for about 3 people per parking space. If the auditorium will seat 120 then we need 40 parking spaces. So this means we now have exactly half what we need. I can't stand the thought of someone driving by on Sunday morning and seeing the parking lot full and believing the building must be full then driving away. So my mission this week is to start the ball rolling and find out what we need to do to get a new parking lot put in.

I will come back and report on my progress.


Anonymous said...

Great News! Thank the Lord for His blessing upon his local churches. I truly believe it is because the credit is given to the one that deserves it. Praise His name!

bwilber777 said...

HOOAH! The LORD is blessing Northwest Baptist Church!