Thursday, February 26, 2009

Exciting Times

We are having some very exciting things going on at Northwest Baptist Church.
What a good crowd we had last night, our normal Wen night crowd has been anywhere from 12 to 17 but we had 27 last night. All three of the our preaching services are up and the parking lot is full.
One of our men that has never been able to come on Wen because of his work schedule. He and his son were there last night and he reported that he has gotten his schedule at work changed and will now be able to come now for all three services. He also will be meeting with me to go door knocking on Mondays. I now have three different men that will be going out door knocking with me through the week.
We will start our spring soul winning and visitation push on March 8th with Spring Forward Sunday that will go until Sunday May 31th we will have Friend Day our goal is 150 for that Sunday. Followed by a Mon - Wen June 1st - 3rd revival meeting with Bro Lonnie Mattingly from Shawnee Baptist Church in Louisville Ky and the Epley family from Washington Iowa will be here to sing all three nights.
I met yesterday with the city planner and we discussed putting in a new parking lot on the north side of the church. We will be able to add 10 parking spaces and a side walk with plenty of room to back out without backing into the road. I talked to the church about it a they are all excited about it and think we should move forward quickly with it. The planner also showed me that we will have room and should be able to build a new 3 or 4 hundred seat auditorium when we need it.
I didn't discuss my pay with the church until I made the decision to take the pastorate. When I came here in September the weekly pay is about $100 to $150 per week less than is takes for us to make it. So I have been using my savings to make that up, (which I was prepared to do) so I could be full time. Trusting that the church would grow faster if I could be full time. Well I found out that the church has given me an increase of $25 each week because of how well things are going with our finances. What a blessing.
We believe the Lord is going to raise up a great church here in Leavenworth. I love to see how God works and wonder what He will do next.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Bro. Dave.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, I know how that goal of "150" can be reached. I thought you were nuts then, too!

bwilber777 said...

The LORD continues to bless.