Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are We Ready For Growth?

I need to find a way to bring some young families into the church. We had 39 on Sunday and only 8 kids and 3 teens. I would like to have about 10 more children right now. That would be a good balance for us. I know I could start a van/bus route and we could bring them in with that, but I am afraid our Sunday school is not ready for more yet. I believe the way to build the church is through Soul winning and Sunday school. I have been training soul winners but have not got a good start on training the Sunday school teachers yet I do have plans to start working with them and I believe it will have a great impact on our total church growth.
The church had been without a pastor for 3 1/2 years and were very relaxed in some areas like being punctual. I am a stickler for starting on time and I believe the Sunday school teachers should be in there class 15 minutes before class starts. I also want the teachers to visit their class and plan activities each month. So until I can teach them thee things I don't think I will see the growth in the Sunday school. They have the idea that when we get more, then we will start having activities and visiting, but I think the these things should be in place before the need for it is there.


Anonymous said...

Are there any possibles for a young asst pastor or youth pastor in your church?

Our ministries attendance is mainly 40 and below. Which is great for our area where the majority of church members are 40 and above.

Curtis Long said...

I'm praying for this situation in your church. It was a wonderful encouragement to me spending time with the teenagers Sunday night, and I too believe that the teachers should plan activities (no matter the size of the class 1-100). I appreciate the opportunity coming out and viewing the area and preaching in your services. I'm desperately praying for God's guidance and will for our lives, and the possible situation of being the ones that help to build, strengthen, and support your efforts.
In Christ and for His glory,
Curtis Long

Heidi said...

Our Church has what they call a Vespers program. We have a mini worship service to end the sabbath and we have activities afterwards to bring the people together as a church. Vollyball in the gym, taffy pulling, movie night, game night, bon-fire and singing. You know, that kind of stuff that is geared toward the younger geniration. Our pastor and his sister have such a great variety of big group games like Fruit Basket Upset and Cat and Mouse.
(I'd be more than willing to share the ones I can remember.)

I know you cellebrate the Sabbath on a diffrent day than we do, but maybe a weekly "social" would be a "soul winner" in your church. It's an inexpensive way to bring the young people and old people in and get them intrested.(The older people love it just as much as the young if not more.) Many of the kids in our Church have come to know and learn about God from being introduced to the church by these events they were invited to.

I don't want to seem like I'm boasting about what our church does,that is not my intention, I just thought it might be a help to you and your church.

I pray that God's will be done in your church, and that you may find a way to help win some more souls for Christ.