Friday, November 28, 2008

God's Beauty

All the pictures I have seen of the beautiful scenery in Hawaii do not do Justice to the view that God gives with the human eyes. Our trip to visit Nikki & Bill has helped me to realize, to a greater extent, just how blessed we are. I can only wonder how beautiful Heaven must be. I was here as a little boy and I remember some of the thing we have seen but my memory did not begin to recall the majesty of it all. Jane and I were married 30 years ago and I always wanted to bring her over here. We never could have been able to do it without Nikki & Bill's help the trip would have cost close to $10,000 if my calculations are close. What a wonderful Christmas & Anniversary gift God has given the two of us. What a great God we serve!!!


Jane said...

You are so right about the beauty of God's creation here in Hawaii. I have been amazed over and over. Thank you so much for bringing me here....there is no one else in this world I would rather be here with. I love you!