Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Are They Among So Many?

John 6:1-14

The main thought presented in this outline is the importance of giving to the Lord. Even if we seem weak, ineffective, insufficient, and small, He can take even the smallest things and do great things with them. This message could be preached with an emphasis on financial giving or sacrificial giving such as surrendering to missions, full time service, preaching, or whatever. This little boy didn’t let the “insignificance” of his gift to stop him from giving it to God. “What are they among so many?” Well, I tell you “they” are enough when it’s in God’s hands!!

I. The Crowd
1. They were determined (they followed Jesus over/around the sea)
2. They were diseased (vs.2 This represents the needs of the crowd.)

2. The Cause (vs.2)
They didn’t follow him in order:
i. To hear His Words
ii. To learn from him
iii. To have him change their life
iv. To learn more about him
v. To become better disciples

1. They wanted to see outstanding miracles.
2. They wanted to see outward signs of His power.
2. They wanted to see others made whole.

3. The Crisis (vs.5)
1. The need for provision (that these may eat)
2. The need for providers (Whence shall WE buy…)
3. The need for proving (vs.6 he is testing their reaction to the need.)

4. The Contribution
1. It was passed down (he got it from somebody else no doubt!)
2. It was put down. (but what are they among so many?)
3. It was passed out (vs. 11)
4. It was picked up (vs. 13)

5. The Conclusion
1. The crowd received Jesus (vs.14, 15)
2. The contributor received reward. (I’m convinced that the boy got the 12 baskets back!)
3. The critics received instruction. (Little is much when God is in it! I’m sure they didn’t make fun of people’s contributions after this!)