Monday, September 7, 2009

Dangerous Homes

There are far too many of these today. That is the home where people are playing Church and pretending to be good Christians. Remember what God said about those who are luke warm?

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. (Revelation 3:16).

The lukewarm home is a dangerous place:

In the lukewarm home there is no safety for the children.

The average home is a place where the children do as they please with little or no restraint from Godly parents who decide what happens in the home according to the Bible.

* Music is not monitored and controlled, not with an iron fist because of different taste, but because of God’s Word and the fact that most music is contrary to that Word.

* Friends are not monitored and controlled. Parents used to be concerned about who their children associated with. Today we have developed an attitude that says children must be allowed to decide for themselves. This is a crazy concept, born in Hell. We don’t let them decide about taking a bath, eating, brushing their teeth, sleep, etc. That’s because they will make the wrong decisions without proper guidance. They need a Godly parent’s guidance when it comes to friends. It will not make you popular, but it will bring you peace and give your children safely in the long run.

* Manners and courtesy is not monitored and controlled. We have a generation today that does not know how to carry on a decent conversation. They cannot answer the phone, greet visitors in the home, or say please and thank-you.

Boys are not taught to carry themselves like men, they are not taught how to walk, sit, or look people in the eye.

Girls are not taught how to walk, sit, of present themselves as pure and modest.

Children are not taught to work, get up early, have personal responsibility, etc. No wonder our children are falling prey to Satan and his devices, we have failed to give them the protection and safety they need.

In the lukewarm home there is no prospect for great service.

Have you ever heard a testimony of someone who accomplished greatness. Most of the time, they set that goal as a small child. They realized it would take hard work and commitment, so they set out to pay that price. Today, even college graduates don’t even know what they want to do. There is no prospect for great service.

In the Christian home, a parent ought to put their children in contact with as many great servants of God as they can. Invite Preachers, Missionaries, and other servants of God into your home often.

Put pictures of God’s servants up in your home. Lester Roloff will do much more for your child than a NBA poster. A picture of your child with the Preachers and Evangelists that have been to our Church ought to replace rock stars and sports perverts.

The reason we don’t have many of our Christian children setting their sights on great service for God, is because we don’t plan or expect them to. If you don’t, it’s a sure bet they won’t.

In the lukewarm home, there are no life changing decisions.

The family members are not on the altars of the Church making decisions that change their lives and then talking about them in the home. We allow life to deal us what it will. That is a sad way to live. The Christian ought to have many decisions that altar the course of his life. The Children ought to be accustomed to that experience being in the home.

The feeling and attitude of helplessness and hopelessness in the lives of many today is due to the fact that they never make any life changing decisions and they are not around others that do. The Christian does not need to feel trapped, he serves a God that can change his life. When he sees life changing decisions, he will know that change is possible and he will know how to effect that change.

In the lukewarm home, there is no fear of God.

I’m not talking about a suppressed and defeated home where everyone is afraid to do anything, I’m talking about a healthy fear of disappointing the Lord. The fear of the Lord will teach us wisdom and knowledge and that will teach us to do right. All other forms of fear are destructive, but the fear of the Lord is very productive. It produces purity, honesty, openness, and power.

It is dangerous to be in a place where those things are not. God give us homes where the danger is removed by the fear of the Lord.